The other day

I was reminded by a fellow dancer that I will never truly have an idea of each ATS® community that I pass through.

She was right.
The world of ATS® is bigger than me, this dance is bigger than a single person or ego, it is a living entity that cannot be contained.
But that won't stop me from trying.


I am so super proud

to announce that this work of love and devotion that was created by my master and mentor Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and myself is now on the market and ready for ordering!

We put so much time into this beauty, a dance bag companion for you to carry with you always.
It's available in hard copy and ebook, and international friends it is a new printing on demand format so that it prints near you to save shipping costs! 
I can't wait to get one of my very own! 

This is what we looked like while working on it:

and this is what we needed when done:

I've been in this magical ladies presence for a long time, 

and I love her more than words can say, so I won't even try. <3


Inspiration lies in many places

when it strikes, no matter what don't let it pass you by.

Double Rainbow in the world of mere mortals:

Double Rainbow in the world of belly dancing demigods:

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