I am so super proud

to announce that this work of love and devotion that was created by my master and mentor Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and myself is now on the market and ready for ordering!

We put so much time into this beauty, a dance bag companion for you to carry with you always.
It's available in hard copy and ebook, and international friends it is a new printing on demand format so that it prints near you to save shipping costs! 
I can't wait to get one of my very own! 

This is what we looked like while working on it:

and this is what we needed when done:

I've been in this magical ladies presence for a long time, 

and I love her more than words can say, so I won't even try. <3


Inspiration lies in many places

when it strikes, no matter what don't let it pass you by.

Double Rainbow in the world of mere mortals:

Double Rainbow in the world of belly dancing demigods:


Good junkie.

Like any good junkie I like to keep a list of my conquests in my little black book. Germany is new territory for me and this puts me at country #47(for my whole life not just this trip).


Gearing up for a wild ride.

I'm in Europe and about to launch into quite a tour, so I'm gearing up in the mornings with green tea and yoga, the two seem to go so well together.

This is my favorite pose, what is yours?

Make sure to check out my schedule so you can catch me when I'm near!


hugs and kisses from the road!

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