The long road south ~ ATS® in Chile

The ATS® scene in Chile is amazingly strong and wide spread.
It is brought to us by Victoria Vasquez, long time dancer that discovered ATS® and FCBD® about eight years ago on a VHS tape.

Ever since then she's been pursuing the art form and doing a damn fine job.
Victoria and I improvising at her show in Santiago, Chile.

The ladies of troupe Banjara Santiago, Chile.


My shoes are on the mend just in time for the end of the world

Fin del mundo is just a four day boat ride, and then a bus ride away.
 I was having some tough times, wearing through my clothes, my resources and especially my shoes. I've owned my Fluevogs (my shoes) for years, they fit like a dream and make me feel like I've got the feet of some rare deity, but they were worn out: soles peeling, seams breaking, zippers shot and the laces toast. I was afraid there was no way to revive them but I just can't seem to let these old friends go.
Lucky for me these shoes are fighters.

But I couldn't do it all on my own, so I asked you, my dear friends, for some help, and help it did come!
I was able to take my trusty zappatos to the boot doctor where I was assisted by the lovely and talented Julie Rea as she explained to our new friend what needed to be done.

Not only was the man confident he could fix them, he promised to have them for me the next day!
Like Santa Claus I like keeping lists, the naughty and the nice. 
Here is my nice list, it consists of the donors, the money where your mouth is society that helps keep me on the road and the dream of tracking ATS® around the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. 

Again, thank you my friends for being in the time and the place where you are able to help support this project and to keep me on the road, your love and support keeps me warm on all those long lonely nights. I'm thinking of you always. 

Oh and Julie wasn't there to help me pick them up...watch the video to see what happens.


ATS® Santiago, Chile 2013

Banjara is a dance school and troupe located in the heart of Santiago, Chile, it was founded by Victoria Vasquez and can me found on the web at: http://danzadelvientretribal.com.

Victoria is an amazing teacher, and over the past eight years has spread ATS® in Chile from north to south.


The choli's have landed!

The choli's are hanging in the FCBD® studio!

So get your shimmy on and get em while there here!
You can also find them online.
Follow the link to FCBD®

Follow the link to FCBD®

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