Modes of transportation~El salvador 2013

In these videos you will witness:
~us gaining street cred as travelers
~sweating, like really sweating. I just can't stop.
~also note the boy watching me in the reflection in the glass.

Another way to hit the road and wondering if the locals like us or not.


Early 2013

Happy new year to you friend!
The adventures here are daily and sometimes they sweep me up an spit me out, leaving me little to no time in the process of writing.
I've got a list of resolutions for 2013 and so excited to get to my next teaching destination in Costa Rica!
Vacation time and wander time are great but what I really want to be doing is dancing and spending time with my ATS® family.

It's been 6 months since I left my S.F. apartment.
The road has been kind to me and the New Year already full of new friends and fantastic adventures.
I spent the last days of 2012 diving in Honduras and then the first days making a long dash back into Guatemala.

Well the idea was to hit Guatemala but caught up in the Russian roulette of bus travel, plus the over crowding of holiday travel we (Kambodia Connor and myself) ended up in Copan Ruins, a quiet little town on the border of Honduras and Guatemala.

Copan was a lovely break in the travel, we have gone from super party dive island, to big city filled with all the disgusting box stores you can think of, Denny's, Wendy's, Pizza Hut etc, to chilly mountains covered in banana trees with red macaws soaring through them. It was an unexpected but lovely layover.

My favorite thing about travel is the constant change of plans, what bus is available?
How far can we get in a day?
Do we really want to roll into town at midnight?

These are all spur of the moment questions that mold the travel experience if you let it.

So now we are waiting to go to Guatemala. I set out this morning and found the last two bus tickets to get us on our way, literally the very last two tickets available.

Always so much to see and so little time!



Cuba's physical side is color, rot, and poverty, its energetic side is music, love, and happiness. Rusted out old vehicles are king here and russian motorbikes with side cards jam the road. A highlight was one day passing from collectivo taxi to collectivo taxi, catching old chevy's with rusted out bottoms, ripped interiors, and handsome men at the wheel.

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