Here's what past sponsors have to say about Kristine Adams:

"I had the honor of hosting Kristine Adams in Colombia, and it was almost a miracle how she managed to accommodate the visit among her already set schedule… Everything for the love of spreading ATS®! She was absolutely professional, but also embracing and sweet with everyone around her, always inspiring and encouraging us all to do the best job we were capable of. We all knew she is a wonderful dancer and teacher, but to experience her humility, kindness, and support in real life was a changing experience, for me and many others. I am forever grateful for her trust in me and the dancers in my country, and for the opportunity to have shared the stage, and the classroom with such an incredible person, who is not only willing to give her all at every moment, but also to share her gifts and knowledge with everyone… My admiration and love, always!"  

                                                                       ~Clara Ortiz. Bogota, Colombia

"Conocer y poder aprender de la mano de una de las más grandes bailarinas de ATS® ha sido una de las experiencias más increíbles que he tenido en mi vida dentro y fuera de la danza, tener la oportunidad de tener tan cerca a esta excelente maestra es algo que no tiene precio, tal y como se lo mencione a Kristine; para mí fue todo un sueño, sueño que tuve el honor de cumplir. En definitiva fue una experiencia inolvidable, tener información de primera mano y conocer realmente lo que es correcto y lo que no lo es dentro del ATS®.

Desde el primer momento, el primer movimiento al bailar, comienza la magia, comienzas a darte cuenta que aún hay muchas cosas que aprender, detalles que corregir, bailar al lado de Kristine Adams es encontrar y reencontrar la pasión y la felicidad que se siente al bailar en tribu, formando una sola persona al ritmo de la música. Además de ser un excelente ser humano lleno de amor al o que hace, amor que transmite en cada una de sus clases, algo que te impulsa a seguir aprendiendo y seguir descubriendo el mundo del ATS®."

                                                                         ~Antonio González. Mexico City, Mexico

"Hosting Kristine Adams from FCBD® was a dream come true and an honor! She has always been one of my favorite FatChance Dancers and having her in Guadalajara, Mexico for private lessons, a workshop and show was a great experience and a blessing for me. Kristine is a perfectionist in her dance, which translates into a beautiful performance and a fantastic teacher. I believe that if you are an ATS® dancer, you MUST take lessons from her; she will definitely let you see the moves in their perfect execution and will point out what you need to work on as well as teach you the moves the FAT CHANCE way. All the Tribal community in Guadalajara misses you!"

                                                                 ~ Tracy Rhaj. Guadalajara, Mexico

"As soon as I heard that Kristine Adams was traveling around the world, I contacted her to see if she was interested in including Puerto Rico in her travels. There is just a small community of ATS here, we are a small Island in the Caribbean and it is not a place where you just can drive to. Nooo you have to schedule it. To my wonderful surprise she said YES. She said yes? OMG!!
Soo what can I say about my experience with Kristine?
There are not enough words. Always so willing to teach and share her love and vast knowledge of ATS in such a loving and respectful manner of where you are in the dance. She is a professional, an excellent teacher, such an extraordinary dancer, and at the same time she is, so humble, down to earth, loving and true. Is right there, where she steals your heart, and in such a short time of sharing; now someone I consider my friend.
The ATS community of Puerto Rico was captivated by her and we didn’t want her to leave. And me, well . . ., I am honored that I met her and forever grateful for the fun time we spend together, her teachings, for the opportunity to dance and share the stage with her and for inspiring us to strive higher.
Not in a million years or in my wildest dreams I thought I will meet closely, share and dance with one of the FCBD dancers and teachers.

As a result, I had the one of the most amazing experience of my life and one I will never forget!!
Fellow dancers don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
Kristine, safe travels my friend; you will always have a home and a friend at Puerto Rico."

                                                                        ~ Diana Lee Huertas, Puerto Rico

"Kristine gave us a wonderful experience in Quito – Ecuador. Just in a couple of hours everyone was dancing and truly enjoying themselves; her relaxed attitude and warm smile were contagious and created a comfortable atmosphere for all students, even for those who were dancing ATS for the first time.
At the show, besides being an amazing performer, she was a good companion and great help back stage.
Her thorough knowledge of ATS, vast experience as a teacher and the attributes of a great life experience travel with her lighting hearts wherever she goes. Thank you Kristine!"

                                                                         ~ Cristina Hidalgo

Do you have a testimonial you'd like to share, send it to Kristine@FCBD.com and I'll be sure to share! 

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