The Magic Maker strikes again!

You might know him.
You might love him
You might not.

The one and only Brad Dosland.
He's real nice and talented, fun to be around, smart, charming, handsome, and did I happen to mention
he makes me look real pretty!


Tifferly's question finally answered!

                                                                  Kristine Adams
                                                                   110 Albion st
                                                                   SF CA 94110


Did you send me your envelope yet?

Because my stickers are flying out the door!
These little beauties are going fast and I really want you to have one! So get that envelope in the mail!

 Then you can be happy like my lovely follower Christy Scott!
And if you send me a picture of what you did to my post card I'll put it up on my blog!
 But be careful because sometimes US mail sucks and can ruin your envelope to me, like this sad little dumpling. :(
But don't worry if this happens to you I'll find out who you are and will get you united with the goods!

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