The long road south ~ ATS® in Chile

The ATS® scene in Chile is amazingly strong and wide spread.
It is brought to us by Victoria Vasquez, long time dancer that discovered ATS® and FCBD® about eight years ago on a VHS tape.

Ever since then she's been pursuing the art form and doing a damn fine job.
Victoria and I improvising at her show in Santiago, Chile.

The ladies of troupe Banjara Santiago, Chile.

                                      Since then she has been learning and teaching others.


Victoria has performed ATS® with her troupe Banjara from north to south of this long country known as Chile. Several of her students now run schools of their own, the first official being Banjara Valdivia run by her student Fabiola, aka Banjara Valdivia.

My workshop in Valdivia, Chile with Banjara Valdivia.

Fabiola and her ladies giving me a little show.

A sister school can be found in Conception, Chile with a troupe called Elefante Blanco run by Chispi Torres.
Here is Chispi teaching one of her classes

Chispi's students at my workshop in Conception, Chile.

Chispi and I at her show.

Back stage, the same all over the world.

I'm not too certain, but I think there are plans to open more schools of ATS® in Chile, and even though it's not official, Victoria works with students in far off locations like the magical island of Chiloe, the end of the world like Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. I'd like to lay my personal claim on the arts epicenter of Valparaiso, Chile - I've absolutely fallen in love with this city and perhaps that's where my post-trip new home should be...

Regardless Chile is rich in the dance of ATS®.
Even at 10 minute rest stop in Antofagasta, Chile I found ATS® dancers, or rather they found me.
Sweet enough to help me break up my bus ride, Ioconda and her lovely ladies were waiting to share their ATS® enthusiasm.
This was the view waiting for me from my window when we pulled up, cute!

Photo bombed by the bus driver!

So the secret is out, Chile it rules as far as ATS® goes.

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