I am house sitting.
aka hiding out on a Saturday night researching proconsumer digital cameras that also shoot HD video, hand held field microphones, and travel insurance among other things.

I have to admit the Nikon site aside this is all very boring. Boring, boring, boring (said in my best Gary Oldman impersonation of him playing Sid Vicious in the movie Sid&Nancy)

I need to figure out the gadgets I need to bring with me to get the job done.
I like gadgets but am definitely not a gadgety gigity girl, and frankyl I am so stir crazy I'm making the rest of you, if you so choose to read on, suffer with me.
This blog is the good, the bad, the boring, but it's the truth.

Thankfully I know some pretty fucking awesome and talented people, and so I've roped in the help of my super talented gadget minded wonder-friends the amazing cinematographer Michele Sieglitz of lilblackcat productions, and the ever patient, always pulls me out of a pinch photo extraordinary Dyami Serna of Dyami Serna Photography.

These two cat's could teach a compass how to find North they are so savvy!

So here are my thoughts, and just an fyi I feel a kickstarter coming on!

What does one need on the road?

To make a documentary:
1. A camera that shoots movies, my editor has told me HD.
2. A field audio recorder to get some decent sound!
3. Laptop

To do a professional still photo shoot, yes dancers I am offering my services to you!
1. A great pro-consumer camera.
      ~I already own a great camera, Nikon d-200, but in the interest of fewer things to carry and upgrading equipment I can get a new Nikon body that will work for stills as well as movies!

2. A flash for fill...Dyami do you hear me calling your name? I love working in my studio with my strobes but it is time for me to grow!

To have fun and keep everyone updated:
1. It's looking like an ipod touch would be best, I can have my music to listen to while on a bumpy bus, the ability of a point and shoot camera, and a camcorder that can upload automatically to my blog or FB via wifi at cafe's etc without the monthly bill of a smart phone. I plan to ditch my phone, the only part that kills me is I've had that same phone # since the tender age of, oh I don't know, young.

2. Books! I am a voracious reader especially when on the road, and have always lamented the weight of carrying at least 5 books. Well now there's the Kindle and the Nook!
I know nothing of either so if anyone has any info I'd love to hear it!

Ah jeeze....
too much stuff!
I feel like I might be missing an item or two, feel free to pitch in ideas, you know, small tripod, external hard drive, one million cables, that kind of thing.
And just so you know I have to carry it all, and not get robbed along the way!Actually I just bought what I hope will be my dream day pack to squirrel all my gadgets into. I'm trying it out now to get it nice and dirty so it will be less conspicuous on the road. Once attached to my body come Aug 20th it won't be removed till the trip is done. My days to donating to the children's street fund are hopefully behind me!

Oh Lord but I'm putting myself to sleep and I haven't even touched on traveler's insurance!

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