I love airports.

I'm at SFO, or rather I was at SFO, and now I am in Switzerland at the Zurich airport. I love airports. The energy, the people, the panoramic views of eager planes waiting to be boarded.
 With this little international jaunt I can't help but think of my bigger trip looming in the distance, growing more substantial everyday.
Travel has changed so much since the last time I did a substantial sojourn. A few years ago I never would have brought my laptop with me, the thought wouldn't have crossed my mind.
Also several years ago I would have lots of cash squirreled away attached to different parts of my body because God knew when you would find a bank you could withdraw from. Now ATM's are plentiful.

It's a whole new ball game with couches and hostels and cab rides just a click away.

Part of the challenge has been removed although plenty of challange still remains.
I'm in Moscow now, have been here coming up on 24 hours and have already had the grand experience of trying to pantomime my way into a power adapter with universal words like "MacBook Pro".

I've still yet to get the proper adapter but have manged to jury rig something that is probably a fire hazard and won't be left unattended.

I have so much to write but not right now, right now I want to sleep!


  1. I love to travel as well. One thing that makes me happy is the fact that I will be able to see the different architectural designs of various airports. Furthermore, riding on different airplanes gives me diverse feelings too.

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  2. yes exactly! As well as the felling of movement and change and going...I love to be going!


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