Going once, going twice...

On Wednesday, March 14th I will start my online auction process! This auction is for costuming goodies and some other random fanciness with which I can barely stand to part. Blood, sweat, and a lot of tears went into letting these items go, and believe me, if I had a storage space big enough everything would stay in my possession.

Let me make this clear, these are all things straight out of my closet and my everyday use. I love these items. I use these items. When you purchase these items 100% of the profit funds this epic journey.

Rules of the Auction:

1. I will be releasing seven items at a time for your bidding pleasure.

2. The bidding for each round of items will be one week long. Ex.: Bidding will start on Wednesday, March 14th and end Wednesday, March 21st at midnight, San Francisco time (Pacific Standard Time).

3. The bidding happens in the comment area under the item photo and description. The last person to leave a comment with the highest bid by midnight San Francisco time on the closing date is the winner of the item.

4. Winners will pay for the shipping of the item. International family, I encourage you to bid! But please be prepared to add that additional shipping charge.

5. All payments will be made via Paypal in US dollars.

6. Bidding will be done in increments of $10 (Ex. beginning price is $40, next bid must be $50, the following bid will be $60) unless otherwise noted on the item description.

7. I think that's it....

So, get ready for the first seven items coming your way on March 14th. Please leave any questions in the comment area of this blog post. If you have any questions ask! If you have a question someone else will too!

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