mercado de brujos ~ Chiclayo, Peru

There is a mercado de brujos (witch doctor market) in Chiclayo, Peru, so naturally I had to visit.
I was hoping to find some of the legendary llama fetuses but no luck, looks like I'll have to hit the market in Bolivia for that. 

This market was a lot larger than the witch doctor market in Mexico and it is jammed packed with off the wall things, like lizards wearing hand knit sweaters with matching hats.


Hungry zombie skulls going after the brains of unsuspecting shoppers. 

 Herbs and succulents as far as the eye can see.

Bits an pieces of animals, sadly this might be why toucans are endangered, but it looks like they're on sale!

Add condors to the list!

When I'm traveling I try to be very sensitive about taking photos, especially in a place where I am so clearly out of place. Not only did the vendors here not mind me taking pictures many of them showed off their "specialty" items like these dried sea horses,

and this fashionably coiled snake, ready to hang in any corner of your house.

I asked a lot of questions about what things were for and why they were used.

 I was given the same answer over and over again, it's all for luck in love and money. Be it a string full of toucans beaks, a handful of dries herbs, or a weasel like creature holding a dead bird, all will bring you luck in love or money, or maybe both if you buy two.

And what would a mercado de brujos be without voodoo dolls,

and a few shrunken heads.


  1. Ohh wow!! never heard of a place like this before, interesting. Hmm...as far as I know I don't thnk we don't have them here in PR.

    1. I love the witch doctor markets, they are so strange and a little gruesome, right up my ally!

    2. you would think PR would have one, so near the heart of Voodoo!


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