Happy Birthday FromtheBellyofaTraveler

Hi friends, I find myself in Manaus, Brazil, in a hotel room with the fan on and the wifi chugging away.
The first year feels as if it's flown by.
I have meet so many amazing dancers and wonderful new friends they keep my heart full and my spirits high as I wander this wide world.
This first year was more amazing than I could have anticipated or planned, and it couldn't have happened without the beautiful ATS® community.
This community is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced it is so full and strong and growing day by day.

I feel very blessed to be there, doing what I'm doing and meeting as many of you as I can.

Thank you for everything, you guys mean the world to me, so in celebration of a successful first year this is my gift to you:

It's not perfect, and I know the music is gone at one point, but it's mine and I love it and now it's yours, I hope you love it.


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