And it begins, and begins, and begins.

I have been letting my brain and my life live in boy land for a little bit, but now I am back to reality. The reality of life and change and trying to walk forward with my head held high. and my dream firmly in my grasp.

Today that consisted of filling the first boxes, or plastic bins to be more exact.
The experience is surreal to say the least.
Half of me me knows it will all be okay, and the other half is waiting for the first half to panic.

I also said goodbye to a friend for how long? He was leaving for China and won't be back until after I've gone. We stood there together for a few minutes both in this state of confusion, how is it possible that we might not see each other for years, we see each other all the time.
So instead of going deep we kept it light and that was that.

There are so many first times, and so many beginnings and so many emotions sweeping my logic aside.

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