Blissfully Bogged

I knew this endeavor wouldn't be easy, and don't get me wrong it's not rocket science, but man oh man!
I think the best term I can currently think of is "blissfuly bogged down".
I have so many thoughts, so many plans, so many good intentions all laying by the wayside.

Tribal Fest 12 is this weekend, and that has been eating away all my time.
I'm really excited to be going, I always love TF, and this time I decided to make a weekend out of it, cherish this time with my friends, sell my schwag, spread the word, perform, etc.

I'll be bringing more of my costume goodies to try and sell out of the back of my car so if you're into it let me know when you see me.

I've got coffee brewing and I'm trying to stir the hamster in my head, I just wanted to leave you a note so you know I'm alive!

Thanks for being there.



  1. <3
    your star is rising.
    enjoy this time.
    your journey will unfold before you.
    and we'll follow every step...


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