ATS® in the wild

So a funny thing happened to me while I was in Patzcuaro enjoying my favorite holiday dia de los muertos. I was sitting with my new friend, the amazing Lupita, whom I had met through couchsurfing.com and we were packing up her wares at the craft fair waiting for her boyfriend to pull the car around when i heard it.
The distinct sound of a zaghareet.
There is no mistaking the harsh trill of the tongue as it is drawn out over a crowed.
My head shot up faster than my best pointer Flossy and through the windows of a car I saw the distinct arch of a hand as it covers the mouth while zagharetting in polite society.

I looked at Lupita and she saw it in my eyes, I had to go check it out...what the hell was this? How is it here? Who is it?

I ran across a single lane of traffic (which in Mexico is about three cars side by side all vying for lead position) and there they were, the dancers.

My encounter was all to brief but left me energized and amazed, I was handed a pair of zills and jumped in and danced for a second. The biggest problem for me was the mix of ATS®/ITS/Fusion, I could follow the ATS® but the rest was Greek to me so actually being able to dance with absolute competence was lost. However the joy of seeing ATS® in the wild was like stumbling upon a Unicorn, here's the video to prove it:


  1. Oh how cute!!! I loved her reaction when you told her who you were!!! Lovely!

  2. that will be a trip highlight :) YAY ATS! I, also, loved the reaction when you told her who you were! :D


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