South, south, south I go!

I've spent over 3 months in Mexico, and time truly passes with the blink of an eye. I have finished all my workshops, I have fallen in love with a people and a landscape, and now it is time to head south and east to a new horizon.

It's crazy, one moment I am the expert, running a class, people are looking to me for the answer and then the next I am in a store pantomiming the fact that I need dental floss, how the heck do you say dental floss in Spanish?

One of my best friends, Elana Brutman, told me "you live 17 lives in a few weeks while traveling" and that is a phrase that pops into my head continuously, it's so true, almost each day I live, I die, I have some form of heartache and a lot of joy. For example I didn't know that saying good-bye would be so hard. I enter homes, stay for a few days and then I have to leave. It's not like a hostel, where I come I go I throw my stinky shoes on the floor. No this is a family, mom does my laundry AND folds it, we eat breakfast together, talk about love and life and drink wine, and it never get's easier. I've collected so many friends, so much family, and cozy places for my head and heart to rest that I become incapacitated with love. Everyday there is so so much, I feel wild and crazy in my mind with so many beautiful and terrible things forcing their way in through my eyes.

Last night I rode a 12 hour bus through the night, I'm not a fan of night buses, they steal the landscape from my eyes but still it is nice to be back on a bus, the winding darkness, and the anonymity of being just another backpacker.

I can't believe my time here is almost up, I want to move on and explore the rest of this amazing world but at the same time Mexico is feeling like my home, tears will be shed, again.

But on a brighter note speaking Spanish isn't manifesting at a speed that I desire but understanding it is coming along nicely, as long as it's nothing complex, but I wanted to remind the world there is one VERY important phrase to learn while traveling, AND learning a second language can be fun!

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