It's a magical thing, to be able to sit in your underwear, on a balcony with gorgeous turquoise water racing up beneath it, coffee in hand, fast dependable wifi, and my computer on my lap.
Oh and did I happen to mention the weather is perfect, just perfect.

 I realized today that it's been 5 months since I had a home of my own. I left my happy little San Francisco apartment on July 1st 2012 and have been living out of a bag and off the good graces of others ever since. Honestly I'm feeling just a little bit weary, not in a spiritual sort of craving for the every day comforts way, but more in a physical, my body is tired sort of way, and yesterday didn't help much.

I made my first big hop, an airplane ride from Cancun Mexico to Puerto Rico, with a changing of the plane in Florida.

Wow US, can we suck anymore when it comes to immigrations and customs and then to security check point again. I try not to hate on anyone, ever, but the stupidity that ran rampent in this place left me closing my eyes and taking deep yoga breaths and even that didn't seem to help. I will abstain from my own rant because this one is so much better than I could do:

                I agree with all George Carlin says, and there is a lovely ring in hell for TSA .

The plane ride from Mexico to the US was quick and lovely, the transition to planes in the US was awful as stated above, and the ride from Florida to PR was chocked full of turbulence. It was the first time I've ever sat on a plane, eyes closed, breathing deep, realizing that's right I don't want to die yet, I'm not ready. Adrenalin was surging through my body and all I could think of, besides a fiery crash, was this George Carlin rant, again, he sums it up perfectly:

As fate would have it my numbers not up yet, I made it to Puerto Rico in one piece! Picked up my bags and straight out the door into the warm tropical night and what, jeeze no stamp in the old passport from Mexico or Puerto Rico! Lame! I know PR is part of the US but if I have to roll through the customs/immigrations BS I feel like I deserve a sticker at the end of it all!

The beauty of Puerto Rico and the love of my excellent host here Diana Lee Huertas was the much needed balm to sooth my weary travel bones. 2 weeks in this paradise, I think I can handel that. I'm off to start my 2 days of workshops here and sample the flavor of ATS® in this magical little island.

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