Puerto Rico

The sun is strong.
The waters are pristine.
The traffic is a nightmare.
The people are proud.
The ATS® is growing.

ATS in PR is young and strong and just where it should be.
There you will find a tight knit community on the biggest little island in the Caribbean and they are all coming up together.

Diana Lee Huertas invited me to visit this magical little place, and though I’ve heard great things about it, it was never high on my travel “to do list”. I was sad to leave behind Mexico and all the lovely ladies there but exited to see where else ATS® had gone in this world and what it was doing there.

Diana sticks to and teaches pure ATS®, despite her strong back ground in raqs sharqi and only a little over a years experience with ATS®. Despite having only a year of work under their belts Diana, along with her ladies, have a clean grasp of the movements and perform cohesively as a group.

Diana is humble and open with her dancers, she knows she is still learning the art form and doesn’t try and hide that fact from her students. I have rarely meet a sweeter more open soul than this woman and this is reflected in harmony and strong bond found in her group.

I can’t wait to see what this island has in store for ATS® as they all progress in their knowledge and skill.

There's nothing more I love than spreading the word of ATS® so when I got the chance to be on the radio I jumped at it!


Here's the interview:


Here's a visual journey of the rest of my time there:


       Paddling and swimming in the Bio-luminescent bay was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

I couldn't seem to leave here without taking a piece of the Caribbean with me.


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  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ you are missed !!! have a wonderful time in your travels and be safe. The tat looks beautiful perfect place :-)

  3. Very nice pics!!! Thank you for your visit. I learned a lot!!! Blessings!!! <3


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