“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.” 
― Martha Graham

I've been moving through my moments and doing my best to make them all important, my main deterrent is my body and the fact that I am not a machine, I need rest.

I was on the upswing of disappointment, my first big one being the fact I had to fly from Panama to Colombia since there were no boats to be sailed in the time frame I needed.
My consolation is that Cartagena was a colonial city that worked like balm on my eyes and my weary travel soul.

 I was once again infatuated with a city.

The other amazing thing about Colombia is that it is full of dancers and there is a beginning scene of ATS® there.

 Clara Ortiz is from Bogota, Colombia but lives in Huston, Texas and invited me to teach a workshop as I made my way through South America.

Here we are on stage together.

But I swear Colombia is full of well known dancers, they're all over the place.

 and they like me...they really really like me!

what's even better is that I like them, and even though ATS® isn't a house hold name, they came out in droves to learn more. I really admired the intrest and dedication brought to the workshops, and after only eight hours they were well on their way in becoming ATS® masters.

Oh and by the way Colombia thanks for almost wiping me out of posters! 


  1. Dear Kristine,
    thank you so much for doing thsi journey and for sharing you experience and all of those amazing photographs!
    It warms my heart, lightens the grey sky outside and is a "proof" that miracles happen ;)
    Take much care of yourself, rest and digest <3

  2. Gudrun!
    So nice to get your comment, thank you for the love and encouragement! I can't wait for us to cross paths. xxo

  3. Hello, beautiful! Thank YOU for inspiring all of us! Even though I'm not living in my country, when I realized you would be so close, I knew I had to do anything and everything to give my fellow dancers in Colombia the opportunity to learn from a true ATS® Master Teacher, so this beautiful style can flourish and grow there, as it has done all over the world. So you inspired me to jump on a crazy adventure with a good purpose, and you have indeed inspired the dancers in Colombia to continue learning and practicing our beloved ATS®… thank you for your being kind, sweet, funny, and just your amazing and talented self… hope to get to see you soon… and I’ll be sharing more beautiful pictures soon! Much love always! <3


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