I went to the Galapagos, a photo essay with some commentary

I'm not sure why but the Galapagos Islands have always called my name. 

It's been at the top of my bucket list for years, and I knew I couldn't pass by it without going to it.
So I did what everyone out there does, I dreamed, I schemed and I tightened the belt so I could fork out the money. 

I ended up finding a last minute 8 day tour on a intimate boat called the Nemo2. The boat was a beautiful catamaran that made me decide, why yes indeed I could and would love to live on a boat. 
My days were spent waking up to the sunrise, a little rocky morning Yoga with the other ladies on the boat, 2 hikes a day and 2 snorkels in the water, then dinner and the stars.

Here's the captain of the boat Henry, he would come out on the dingy and snorkel with us.

I've been asked what was the most amazing thing that I saw.
Well I snorkeled above a nine foot hammer head shark, this as my only evidence.

A swam with penguins.

I also swam with other amazing things like sea lions, colorful fish, and lots of turtles.

I saw lots and lots of Boobies!

Boobies with red feet.

Boobies coming in for a landing looking for a mate.

 Boobies giving and receiving courting gifts 

And boobies dancing.

The Boobies were really good dancers, and sometimes I'd get to excited and put my finger in the picture.

The boobies would dance away with each other:

And fall in love 

I even saw Boobies feeding their young.

I saw distant lands covered by a plethora of amazing creatures.

And love was in the air.

And babies were the result.

Lot's and lot's of babies.

Not all of them make it to adulthood.

But that's all part of the cycle I suppose.

I saw an amazing amount of Iguanas.

And of course.

There was so much that I cried on my last day because my heart was too full.

There were even animals in the market place.

Top of the bucket list checked off, what will take its place? One thing for certain nothing will ever take the place of the Galapagos in my heart.


  1. Wow, U´re a turtle ! Lol... I luv ur pics Kristine.

  2. Your photos are amazing! Yes, a place so different, yet so beautiful leaves a forever imprint on your heart!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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