There are days like today where I find myself in my bikini, soaking wet from having swam through a pool of fresh water, wearing one Teva that isn't even mine and that is overly large for my foot, hiking through the mountains with a small fat annoying Mexican man that keeps calling me sweetheart and inviting me to his casa, AND did I mention that I am separated from my bag. The Bag. The bag that I am NEVER EVER supposed to be separate from because it contains every valuable thing left to me in this world that would be hard and expensive if not impossible to replace.

I had to take a snap shot of this in my mind, and believe me no real snapshots exist so use your own imagination, and wonder to myself, Kris how the hell did you get yourself into this situation, and this could end either really good or really bad.

Fortunately Saint Christopher hasn't failed me yet and I made it home with my honor and all apendages still intact.

But I did see some beautiful things.

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