This is not a love bite

This is not a love bite, and fare warning it is a pity party below.

I'm not so far into my travels, maybe a full days drive from the States, and only 2 months into being a wanderer and here my body goes falling to pieces. 
I'm gathering mosquito bites like Pokemon cards despite my liberal application of DEET, those little buggers seem to find every iota not touched by the chemical and they dine.
I woke up to some mysterious rash that has attacked my vanity and my face and has only been brought to submission by copious layers of hydrocortisone cream. My hip has been screaming for a replacement and just this morning as I felt I was on the mend I rolled over, or rather tried, and found I had hurt my back... as if I have been doing much.

I am getting restless in Loreto, having projects to pursue but not the focus or patience to do them. Well that is the fog I've been stumbling round in,  but trying to cling to practice as the light to guide me out of my lethargy. 

It seems that everyday I am finding another challenge, another layer of letting go as "home" and "family" melts from my mind and the struggle to maintain the relationships I had get's in the way of letting them become what they should. I don't  cognitively try to resist this metamorphose but resistance is in my nature, if there's one thing I am it's a fighter in my core under of course the layers of sweet and kind. The brawler. 

My days here in Loreto are racing to a close and I have been meeting lovely travelers that teach me things everyday. A lovely Australian woman that at 60 years old decided to take to the high seas and travel the world for 5years, she is 6 months into her trip. A handsome Italian man that loves San Francisco. And a whole range of ex-pat's mostly retired men and women that have formed a lovely and caring community here in Loreto. Tonight the two listed above and I will be having dinner at this man Don's house near the seaside, he's been traveling around Mexico by motorcycle since the 60's and has some great stories to share I'm sure.

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