Catching a ride

Catching a ride from a fellow traveler and headed south. A lovely Australian man that was 7 or so  months into his undefined travel time abroad. He had a great beast of an american van, Texas tumbleweed hair, and a devil may care attitude that made travel light and easy.

I do believe in the old adage " a person comes into your life for a reason" so i jumped on the opportunity of ditching the bus and taking a little different route into the wilds for a few days.

I had the important job of navigator:
with three maps and my smarts to boot we made several wrong turns, a few track backs but all in the name of adventure!

Mainland Mexico is very different from Baja, the streets are a mish-mash, maybe paved, maybe not, maybe it's a street that looks like a river washed out but people still drive on it.
I think getting out of Mazatlan was the biggest Challenge but once out the reward was well worth it. Misty mountains and swamp lands full of flowers. Sadly the roads have no shoulders to pull off of to photograph the flowers but take my word they were pristine little bits of white and purple, soft explosions frozen in motion on top of fluorescent green bed.

Here's the road we traveled down:

The first destination was Mexcaltitan, a drive and a boat ride for a small small shrimping town. We were definitely the gringos in town but this place was no stranger to our kind. I like off season for this reason, to imagine that I  am in some foreign land yet undiscovered by the eyes of others or the prying know it all the internet.

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