I've been lost in a coastal wonderland.

I've been lost in a coastal wonderland.
The wifi has been spotty at the best of times and my electronics have taken to dying on me from a lack of places to plug them in.
Life as I undersand it has fallen by the way side.

What's really important anyway?

Views like this:

I am running away from my run away plan...how is that possible?

I hiked along a volcano yesterday, steam holes and all, a vast landscape dotted by twisted trees, burnt rocks, and vicious cows eyeing me threateningly, I swear they were about to charge.
I'm not much of a trekker but found the 16k drive up a windy cobble stone road overgrown with grass exciting, the theme to Indian Jones constantly in the back of my mind and the tip of my tongue.

The volcano itself hasn't erupted for like 150 years and apart from the steam venting from the holes there isn't much, besides the ash and rock, to give away that it is a volcano. In fact while setting off from the town of Jala we asked a woman wich road lead up to the volcano and she looked surprised and said she didn't know what we were talking about.

I guess it goes along with that old saying, you don't know what you've got till its gone...well maybe not I think it would be pretty $%$# difficult to not know you have a volcano in your city but who am I to judge.
The steam rising in the photos above was lovely and it looked useful as well, the last person there had stuffed one full of corn on the cob. I have the image of the volcano suddenly erupting  throwing heaps of popcorn over Mexico.

It looks like the volcano itself was a failed tourist attraction. There was an abandoned information center at the beginning of the trail but it looked like it had never been used.

The trail itself was a little neglected and was a little hard for my city smarts to follow, I'm not sure why with amazing markers like this to lead the way.

 But the view did have a bit of a breathtaking effect and no I wasn't just winded from the trail.

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