When the road bends so does the body. The best thing about traveling is the detours..the whens and wheres of who I am and where I'm going. 

The word of the day is hippies and turtles and gringos with chocolate granola covered bananas. I think I have wandered into a hippy haven, a habitat of inglés and ATM machines that dispense US dollars only, definitely an oddity in this supposedly small town of Sayulita. 
After hitting up the tranquil small beach town of Chacala I feel almost in a state of culture shock being faced with the ebb and flow of the world wide back packers tour ground. Cobble roads are still to be found but shops and shops of she-she items and hostels built in the image of the Winchester Mystery house

I leave tomorrow for Puerto Vallarta and then on to Guadalajara and so forth. 
I am getting exited to teach and perform and can't wait for this beautiful event in San Miguel de Allende.

Honestly I think I am just broody today.

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