ATS® in Guadalajara

It would seem the ATS® is alive and well in Guadalajara Mexico, I found not only one but two different troupes!

We have Tracy Rhaj the lovely and talented “Tapatío” gone to L.A. returned to Gudalajara ATS®/fusion teacher seen below:

I sat in on one of her classes, they were getting ready for their upcoming show that yours truly will be dancing in to celebrate the most epic holiday of all times, dia de los muertos. If you don't know this about me I've celebrated dia de los muertos for years now, it's my all time favorite, so what a pleasure to be in Mexico and be able to celebrate!
Here are Tracy's ladies warming up:

Then I got to visit Alina and her lovely ladies at work!
What a pleasure to get to spend time at two different studios seeing my much loved ATS® at work!
After 3 months into my travel, and 2 months in Mexico dance studios are my home and all the dancers have turned out to be my family.
Guadalajara is beautiful and the Mexico version of SF, so I felt happy and homey there, a little grit, a lot of art, and a little fog make me a very happy girl, but then meeting the dancers, and then more dancers.
How to explain, here is the family. The love, the support, the instant let's go out and have fun. Here is the warm hug and the smiling face and the magic makers that show me their town the way it's supposed to be seen.

No wonder I fall in love with every town I see, I get to see it through the eyes of those that love it the best!

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