I made it to Machu Picchu, but my shoes didn't.

Things fall apart, it's true.

I made it to Machu Picchu, but my shoes didn't. After 325 days of living out of a bag, I'm not surprised.

Travel is expensive, and it's always way more expensive than you imagine.
Sometimes it's simple things like:

I need new:
Shoelaces $5
Zippers for both boots $40
Soles and heels for boots $45

The weather is getting cold, really really COLD and I need to buy:

Warm jacket $45
Sweater $20
Gloves $10
Warm socks$25

There are unforeseen fees, unexpected plane rides, taxi rides, visas, reciprocity fees (up to $160 per country).

Things fall apart, my camera lens has dust stuck in the focus, my computer will only charge if I hold the cord with my hand and the mouse only moves in one direction, my external drive is full of data of the places I've been and the dancers I've met and my FCBD® sweat shirt is divorcing me one fiber at a time.
If there was ever a time to support this project, now is the time, help a dancer out, throw me a few bucks,  whatever you can give, and get those laces on my boots and some new soles under my feet.
Remember, your donations will help me focus on what I set out to do: document ATS® around the world. So come along for the ride!
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Just click the fancy little bubble below, and thank you!


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