Sucre to Uyuini

I spent some time in a pretty little colonial town in Bolivia called Sucre, it's famous for dinosaur footprints and that's about all.
The buses in Bolivia are about on the same level as the chicken buses of Central America, I have to say though I enjoyed their ingenuity of transporting my bag from check in to actual bus.

The ride was long, 9am-6pm and bumpy, there were no toilets just breaks along the way where you could chose your piece of flat land for a pee, or try and hold it till you got to your destination.

When we were within seeing distance of my destination, Uyuni my bladder rejoiced until I saw this:

What is this but a good old fashion road block, a tiny line of stones that the bus "couldn't" cross, so what was there to do, everybody out, packs on and walking it is. Here's what I have to say:

Well I made it with some sweat and the ever pleasant experience of peeing in the open flat lands with lots of people standing around, to a small dirty dirty town. I got the cheapest room possible and cringed, I had to get out of here, there was no staying in this dump. I scrambled about to find a tour to get me to the famous Salt flats and into Chile the next, on the verge of giving up I found one that would take me. I knew nothing about the tour except that it left the next day, I payed and was happy to know I only had one night to endure in Uyuni.

The only good thing about Uyuni was the cute friend I made in the morning, now off into the wilds.

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