The Mefloquin Diaries: Day 534~ Mefloquin pill #1

Right now I'm sitting in Jo'Burg, South Africa sipping on whisky eating apples with cashew nut butter.
It's been 534 days now,  on the road, living out of a bag, and relying on the good graces of others.
My recent adventures have me traveling through some high risk Malaria country and have to take an anti- Malaria drug called Mefloquine.

Mefloquine is taken once a week and it's the big gun's of anti- Malaria tablets, if you have psychotic tendencies or depression this is NOT the drug for you.
Oh and the other side effect is super crazy, like looney bin dreams.

This is my second experience taking Mefloquine and my dreams are noteworthy.
Think about the most painfully lucid, long lasting dream you've ever had then triple it, those are my nights now.

Dream #1

I am in Kruger Park walking with two male rangers one to either side of me, we are walking in a long snaking gorge made from a deep red dirt and sharp rocks. The land is littered with long iridescent bodies  of snakes, they are discarded ribbons all different shapes and sizes each ending in a smashed head as if stomped in by a boot, marking the ground with bursts of glitter.

At first I'm horrified by the destruction that is clearly wrought by man and I ask the rangers why this is happening.
At some point between the questions and the answers a large brown snake launches itself from some undisclosed location and sinks its fangs into my legs. 
Generally this is the point you wake up, not me, not with these dreams, instead I keep my calm (actually I'm not afraid) and pry the mouth apart, pulling fangs from flesh just to have it clamp down somewhere else.

This happens several times.
Then the ranger grabs the snake and breaks its head open with his heel and glitter explodes like a NYE popper all over the ground.

Something happens here I can't remember what and we walk on for some time.

This time a bigger scarier albino snake latches onto my body.
Each time the fangs sink in I see them and I have to grab the snake near the head peeling back the lips, the jaw, extracting the fangs slowly from my flesh. Each time I'm free it somehow gets its grips on me again.
I don't remember how but that one ends in a glitter bomb too and then I wake up.
I don't remember feeling afraid at all, more interested in the fact that I knew I was experiencing a dream.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 77days has in store for me, I'll keep you posted.

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