The Mefloquin Diaries: Day 537~ Mefloquin pill #1 day#4

Some days I wake up in a funk, a heavy grouchiness that meditation and yoga don't take away, perhaps it's the effect of the Mefloquin, perhaps it's just life.

So like the rest of the world I turn to my friends for guidance and support, I don't mind pouring my heart out to them.

One person I always turn to, we'll call him Mr. Hubcap-J to save his identity, I bring him statements like this as I try to bring more honesty into my blog:

"I share with an audience that doesn't really talk back,  it's an intimate act to stand there naked for all to see."

This is the encouragement I get back, read from bottom to top:

Thanks Mr. Hubcap-J, you really know how to comfort a girl when she's down and I love you for it.

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  1. Aw Kristine, Thank you so much for sharing yourself so openly with us virtual voyeurs of your adventures, journeys and dreams. Be Blessed Beautiful Traveler! <3

    1. <3 thank you for being a responding voyeur! xoxo


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