The Mefloquin Diaries: Day 535~ Mefloquin pill #1 day #2

The Mefloquin Diaries: Day 535~ Mefloquin pill #1  day #2  

Dream #2

Last night I was showered with spiders of all shapes and sizes, unknown individuals launched them out of the darkness.
As each spider neared me it curled its legs and its momentum slowed as it transformed into a Jelly (aka jellyfish) and drifted elegantly past .
I wasn't afraid.

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  1. Be aware... Lariam (Mefloquine) can cause suicide! At the moment you will realise that...it will be to late. Imagine that your vivid dreams will come true... all is possible with Lariam (Mefloquine)

    1. wow WSP thank you for that uplifting public service announcement...

    2. Hi Kristine... no problem :) ...i just want to keep everybody who take mefloquine informed about other "psychotropic" effects mefloquine can cause... i got mefloquine in a dose of 6 tablets within 24 hours because of acute malaria... after 6 month again that loading dose because of reoccur of the malaria... my "trip" take already 15 years ...from vivid dreams i was least affected... its more the overhelming wish to shoot me in the head since then... like you wrote you wasnt afraid of the spider dream... its more a warm and comfortable "thinking" to commit suicide... like it is the best thing you can do in life... thats why some traveller who took mefloquine jump out of windows or use a pocket knife to cut their own throats... on the other side mefloquine can "tell" you also to kill or harm other people... also as an overhelming feeling that you have to do it... take care with that "pseudo-LSD" ... make bellydancing until you fall in trance instead...dance like a dervish! thats good for you and also excitng for your audience... just a opinion ;) take care Kristine... i dont want to read in your diaries at "day 666 ~ Mefloquin Pill #7 Day#23" that you are excited now from the idea to harm yourself or other ... ;)


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