Day 2

The weather is mucho mucho calor, but the house and the beer is fresca and I am trying to plunge deep into my uncomfortable zone and speak spanish with the vocabulary of a 2 year old. Luckily I haven't needed to use my words yet, and those around me are kind and helpful as I butcher their language.

I'm really excited to learn and am hoping to have a decent grasp on it once the year is over.

Two days have been spent in Alejandra's beautiful studio, she took the photo above. It is really a lovely place full of bright colors, large mirrors, and lovely images. The tile floor feels cool  against my bare feet and there is something magical in the rush and slide of my feet against hard stone as I turn.

The collection of ladies here is small but their interest is keen and they are very serious dancers. We started the basics yesterday and are building from there. They are so self conscious about themselves and the movements, and me staring at them, and Alejandra staring at them...but they are beginning to feel it, starting to dance together. It's such a magical thing to watch a student connect the dots, and oh!

I watched the Simpsons in spanish today and Alejandra's husband Carlos helped me with my pronunciation and some spanish questions. I think I should spend all my time learning spanish via the Simpsons....

Tomorrow I am being taken out to run around Mexicali proper during the day and Alejandra's mom is cooking us a traditional Mexican meal. It seems like Mexicali is more like America in the fact that the cultures are so mixed that they don't seem to have much of their own culture to share! There was a long discussion by the ladies in class tonight where I should be taken and shown tomorrow and where I should be feed at. The suspense is killing me but I'll keep you all informed.

I'm going to go watch Braveheart in Spanish now with the family, oh and oddly enough Mexicali is known for its Chinese food, what a wild world we live in


  1. I'm so happy and excited for you to be on this journey. While I long for the road and the unknown of travel, I have many reasons to be a home (mainly my furball a Shepard Husky named Landon). You're journey is going to be an amazing one and I look forward to reading about it and crossing paths with you along the way! :)


  2. What a lovely place to dance! That looks to be the second phrase of the Sahra?



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