Waking up in Ensenada to my noisy neighbors across the street. At 6am they decided to play banda music at a 10, because god knows funky furniture is best sold to a beat, nothing makes me want to buy a used office chair the way banda does. Oh and the dogs, the dogs love to bark and fight in the night, and they are drawn to my spirit as an animal lover so they do it right under my window. I didn't mind so much last night because I was having awful dreams.
You see the thing with travel is that it is unpredictable, so why bother planning, I mean I'm not much of a planner anyway and there is a good reason why. I plan to leave Mexicali around 3, and the bus is supposed to take 3.5 hours, but the "bus leaves every hour" isn't true so I camp out at the station for 2 hours before I even see the bus, that is of course running late, and then it takes more like 5 hours till we finally reach Ensenada. I know these things, they don't bother me. I find a taxi, I fake my way through my español and I arrive at my destination. By this time things are shut down except for the gas station and the Oxxo (Americans imagine 7-11 here) so I can either starve or take my hungry ass out to forage. I end up with the healthy selection of Tecate, fritos, and bananas (yeah me). I get back, talk the ear off of my poor hostel worker Jesus, FB a bit and read myself to sleep.
I new the dreams had a chance to be crazy but man what a non-restful ride that was, so hence the dogs and the banda were a welcome reprise, almost like a snooze button to the nightmares, but every time I drifted back to sleep they were there.

These are my noisy neighbors.

But like I said I am safe and happy sipping my coffee and gearing up to explore.

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  1. That was a very amusing little tale! Wish i was there to share a taco with you (I stopped drinking so can't have the tequila shots that you were probably expecting from me). but hell I'd probably share a drink with ya anyway because it'd be in another country and that's cause for celebration. Have a great trip!!!


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