The first leg of the pre-trip! 7/15-8/6

I was in the state of exhaustion and anxiety as I was in the state of Washington.
A few weeks with the family, a few weeks dedicated to sitting on the couch balanced with long walks on the beach, and things begin to be right as rain, here is my visual journey:

Breakfast at the Log Cabin in Berkeley.

There was a flight that happened here, between these two photos, it felt more like a bad acid trip but then there was a soft landing!

Then there was some beauty.

There was time to contemplate with whiskey on the back porch. 

There was ATS Tacoma style, and of course some well earned libations.


                                                                 Then the Lord sent me a sign

And I saw a light but it was just my favorite night light ever, and a little place in the world that is set up and waiting just for me.

Some more beauty, my sister Jennifer is an artist and this is her work on display downtown Tacoma.

Out with the people of Tacoma, a place that still has cigarette vending machines, I wanted to buy some just for fun but I didn't.

                                           Four generations of Adams's in a candy shop!

                                                Then to Seattle and the open arms of:

A fancy bar with a fuzzy friend! I love this bar and want to put it my pocket so I can visit all the time.

This cup makes me think of one of my all time favorite fortunes from a cookie, "stop looking, happiness is next to you".
I can tell you truthfully I prefer my joy to be room temperature .

I had so much fun teaching workshops! Thank you to all that came out!

Um wait a minute....Oakland and SF representing in Seattle.

It was such a pleasure to share a night with this dynamic duo, my friends as well as my old neighbors! Yeah Sam and Amar! xoxoxo


Another adorable location that I want to carry with me always

The first leg of the pre leg trip of the epic world tour a success!
Now if only I can learn to smile while keeping my eyes open at the same time AND take my own photo in the mirror.

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  1. I hope you post many, many, many pictures on your trip!


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